Not like other RC toys, S-310 is a professional drone that provide long distance control(1000m) as well as long flght time(approximately 12 min). Adopting special material,fiberglass composite material,to make sure an excellent flght experience with your S-310.Once you've compared the features, functionality and flight performance of all the Ready to Fly quadcopters on the market today, you will see that a clear winner has emerged...TYX S-310 DRONE.
Style:Radio Control Toy Type:GPS Helicopter Drone Power:5200mah battery Material:Fiberglass Composite Material And Plastic Scale:1:15 Radio Control Style: RC Hobby Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Brand Name:TYX Model Number:S-450 Color:Cutomized blue yellow Certificate:CE Rohs FCC Function:GPS Fish Finder Anti-Water Control distance:1000m Feature:Rc drone Product size:400*400*220mm
Style:Radio Control Toy Type:RC drone multirotors Power:6s 22.2v 10000mah Material:fiber glass composite material Scale:1:15 Place of Origin:Anhui, China (Mainland) Model Number:TYX X-680 Color:Customized,white yellow blue etc Certificate:CE Rohs FCC Function: Remote Control Description:2.4G RC hexacopter Charge time:100-180mins Control distance:1000m Flying time:20minutes
Teyuanxin batteries are purpose built for multirotor applications, each tailored for the best size/power/weight needed for their intended use.
Plant protection drone is a kind of agricultural drone whose shell is made of glass fiber composite material, which has features of small size, easy maintenance, light weight, long distance control, 20kg in max. loading, high working efficiency, less drifting, no need of special lifting airport, the down air of the rotor wing is good to increase the penetrability of the mist flow to the crops, good control efficiency, long distance remote control, avoid pesticide, and improved the safety etc. Additionally, the electric drone helicopter adopts spraying method that can save 50% pesticide usage and 90% water supply volume, which can greatly reduce the resource cost. Compared with oil-drive drone, it has smaller size, lighter weight, lower depreciation rate, less cost and easier for maintenance.
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Anhui Teyuanxin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of drones, integrating development and production together. Established in 2009, our company is located in Wuhu China, which is near Shanghai and has convenient transportation, with many years of history in the drone industry. Our parent company is Teyuanxi Group. Our main products include four axis drone, six axis drone, eight axis drone, plant protection drone and the shell of drone, which can be applied in various fields. Our company employs more than 300 workers; through the efforts of our entire staff, we have become a pr

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